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Tramore Tunes, TCR FM

“On with the music,” says either Kieran or Garrett before the other one proceeds to babble delightfully about trips to the beach, floodlights, parking spaces and “getting one’s house in order” in a frantic opening five minutes: Tramore Community Radio bills this one as ‘local music & live bands’ but alternatively it’s a fast-paced catchup between friends and we’re all invited.

When the comedy duo eventually choose to introduce some local talent, the CD doesn’t play and instead we’re treated to Basement Jaxx: it wakes us up at a time of day – and week – that we should be cooling down. But cool is cool and these two are. It’s a feel for Tramore life, and ends with the news at 7 – basically a newsreader monologue which might easily be taken as a verbalised amalgamation of the most recent local authority press releases. Who knew Waterford has a “very strong tradition with national bike week”?

You better pen the next one in your diary (or set a smartphone reminder on your most aggressive tone) because it seems there’s no other way to catch Gieran and Karret: their online podcast has been “coming soon” since records began.

Tramore Tunes is on Sundays at 6pm – 7pm on TCRfm.

Rating: Great fun.

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