Nick Hancock, Minster FM

“A bit of travel news for you, and Davy’s on the Road Again,” says Nick – hitting ‘play’ on the Manfred Mann CD rather than offering anything of genuine use. It’s a brave gag to try slap bang in the middle of a weekday rush hour; especially because within any drivetime programme sales-description, the travel news will feature rather prominently. We’ve been missold, perhaps, but at least it’s personality radio – and enough to make a flick from your phone’s playlist to Nick Hancock worthwhile for, say, half an hour.

Meanwhile, Harry Hometime’s getting us back safely with wall-to-wall tracks that you’ll find just as easily on BBC Local Radio. It’s twelve minutes past five, he’s introducing himself in this hour – and it looks like we’re completing the phrase “I regret…” as part of his big afternoon feature game. The perfect pick-me-up after a long day at work: spending the entire journey home being actively encouraged to reminisce about everything we wish never happened.

Back to Nick and his links are moorishly unpredictable (until he repeats them the following week), there’s an assortion of music, and the ads are bearable. Three out of three then, but there’s just something missing. Ah yes – the travel news.

Nick Hancock and Harry Hometime are on Minster 70s and Minster FM respectively, weekdays 3pm – 7pm.

Rating: Two bob short of a pound.