Natflix, The Source FM

Presenter Natania Adewole mixes a bowl of music and film, stirs in comic superhero Luke Cage, and sprinkles with consistent reminders that we’re listening to her very punny show title, Natflix, which plays on her own name and the famous film and TV site. Both were probably born around the same time: this show makes you feel young again.

“So,” Natania says, “this is not a trailer, but a teaser,” as she nods to what’s across the online streaming scene today. And that, in a sentence, might be taken as a metaphor for her entire programme: bitesize thoughts and a short synopsis of what she’s watching – and what we should be.

With discussion that continues into this edition from last week’s show – it seems this is very much a date to tune in, rather than just a ‘drop in’ for one week only. Indeed, features that we were promised last week came to fruition this time instead, and making online seasons the main point of discussion in Natflix, she takes us on the full journey, from preview to review.

Her RnB / soul soundtrack adds to the very casual theme: it’s cool, it’s unemotional and it’s almost unexcitable. There’s no analysis, there’s no scrutiny, but there is company. And if that’s what you’re after: a chilled voice with the odd television recommendation, and music to keep cool, clued-up and enlightened; then Natflix ticks your boxes.

Natflix is on Sundays at 5:30pm – 6:30pm on The Source FM.

Rating: Low key.