Marcus Miller, Jazz FM

Loose, lyrical, low key. And that’s just his voice.

New Yorker Marcus Miller has a wind down to our Wednesdays with a subtle interpretation of easy, restful numbers. Enthusing about every song after every song risks losing a little meaning each time; but not in this case. His genuine affection for American swing complements – indeed, adds to – our satisfaction as, without fail, the next track exceeds expectation.

He knows his music – and if you’re lucky, you’ll forget for just a moment that he’s pushing buttons from all those miles away in Margaret Street, London – and instead invite him into the home for a glass of wine and his TransAtlantic Jazz.

Of particular note is the way he gets into and out of music, with a touch of research and perhaps the odd anecdote. Even the ads – or as he puts it, a ‘pause for the cause’ – seem to fly by. Before we know it, we’ve heard from Boots Opticians or Simon with the travel – and we’re right back across the ocean for more jazz.

TransAtlantic Jazz is on Jazz FM, Wednesdays 6pm – 7pm.

Rating: High.

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