Breakfast, Premier Christian Radio

“Can we pray for England to win the World Cup?” asks the host, as she delves into frivolity versus sincerity in faith.

Rosie Wright brings you a Derren Brown conversation, details of a new Bible translation service, and there’s a mention for Britain’s oldest milkman. Two minutes into the programme and you’re already being shouted at by adverts, but then back comes Rosie: “My voice is sounding much better today,” she says.

After a reading from Psalm and a rendition of You Carried Me, we’re reminded we can text the programme for prayer requests: Richard thanks the radio station; Elizabeth celebrates a holiday; there’s a birthday shout-out to Edward (along with a prayer to put a stop to his “spectacular” nosebleeds); and one listener is hoping they can sell their house.

Thought of the Day assesses digging wells of water, aided by light backing music. And in the morning’s newspaper review, Justin Brierley asks the organisers of London’s big Trump Balloon stunt to protest in “Christ-like fashion” when the President visits next week.

It’s a very outgoing environment with good personality radio – and that’s admirable considering the programme’s deeper meaning is always maintained, no matter what feature gets to air. A likeable host with thoughtful content makes Inspirational Breakfast a reliably consistent start to the day – even if we’re left still waiting for an answer to the morality of praying for a football win.

Inspirational Breakfast is on Premier Christian Radio each weekday.

Rating: Wonderful clanging.

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