Infomercial Hour, Talk radio 600

We get magnesium from green leafy vegetables but we need to top up too, according to the guest… and the host. Live on the phone on a Sunday afternoon, caller Bill tells the presenter: “Guys are listening to this story today and they’re saying ‘that’s not me.’ Well, it’s not you yet!”

He’s phoned in to promote a new kind of health product, which isn’t available online. “You’ll feel different and you’ll feel better,” he says, referencing magnesium and nitrous oxide. We all know that the more elements in the periodic table you can name, the more scientific credentials you have. The presenter buys into the rhetoric and repeats those well-known three key performance factors: enthusiasm, fighting the fatigue, and maintaining our health.

I lost count of how many times we talked about the brand, but unfortunately I can’t remember its name to put it in black and white here. It’s what you get, of course, with the radio version of teleshopping – they’ve historically been shown overnight, but this is mid-Sunday afternoon.

“Recap that amazing double free offer one more time,” says the host and Bill recaps it twice. A full sixty minutes of nonsense about maintaining healthy levels of vitamins so we can stay in the game… with a couple of commercial breaks in what is ultimately a commercial hour.

And hey, you can get a free bottle if you dial their number.

The Infomercial Hour is on Talk radio 600 WBOB.

Rating: Avoid to maintain the will to live, but it’s a must for unpredictability.