Drivetime mix, Inspiration FM

Self labelled as an ‘anthems special’ show with mashup mixes and 80s vs 90s features, DJ Paul brings us humourous juxtapositions – news provided by the local BBC output cuts out, fumbling into a World Cup party. An emotional Vindaloo rendition starts the carnival, and we’re underway.

Nice use of slick, dry jingles reminds us we’re with Paul – who treats us to what’s essentially a programme packed full of non-stop tunes, but there are contrasts with clumsy junctions at newstime. That’s all forgiven and forgotten when we transition into some Elvis vs JXL – a midweek luxury.

An extensive and borrowed news bulletin at 5:30┬áis reliable and soothing. But again, it’s a total disparity in style: it’s a young vibe but the weather is still given in Fahrenheit!

This community station says it’s developed close working relationships with grass roots level organisations, voluntary groups, local businesses and schools over the years. And while the volunteers and work experience kids clearly get to learn the ropes on site, it’s obvious that the established presenters and managers are learning every day too.

Drivetime mix with Paul L-H is on Inspiration FM.

Rating: Messy and loveable.